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How to make a bun on the neck?

The bun hairstyle is one of the most commonly used hairstyles for a woman in her daily life, in business and in invitations and parties. A tightly wrapped nape knob, while formal and classic in style, has a slightly formal style, but it can adapt to many different combinations and styles. In your daily life, you can catch a stylish look by completing your outfit with a practical nape knob, or you can choose to complete your flashy dress with nape bun models for a special invitation to attend.

Although it is a tight knob that comes to mind when you say nape knob, you can also choose from different knob models like scattered knob from the bottom. If you are going to choose one of the bun models on the back of the bun to complement your daily elegance or night elegance, you can get inspiration from the examples we have compiled for you in this article.

Hair and other details are as important as your outfit to look stylish and stylish. If you are tired of the classic hairstyles you use every day, before you go to the gallery we have prepared for you, let's take a look at some of the models together.

Tight Bun Models on the Neck


An ideal bun model for use in business. If you plan to wear a shirt and a skirt or pants underneath, one of the most ideal hairstyles to complement this classic style is the tight buns collected from the neck. It also gives you a hair look as if you've done it by spending a long time without much hassle.

Tight bun

Although it is a bit more troublesome than the other, it is an ideal hairstyle for women who want to make a tight bun but prefer a slightly flashy model. If you need a stylish, sophisticated and remarkable hairstyle that will complement your elegance or not be in front of your evening dress, you can ask your hairdresser to make such a nape knob.

How to make a nape knob?

The knobs on the neck offer a wide range of models and celebrity beauties often prefer this hairstyle on the red carpet or at the invitations. After combing your hair tightly, you will make a tight ponytail at the nape level and then wrap it around, creating a really feminine and highly sophisticated look. Moreover, it is possible to choose such a tight nape knob with many different dress models, especially when it comes to formal wear.

A prominent model among the nape knob models is the models with the help of braids. If you want to choose an evening dress and a more attractive hairstyle to complement your evening dress, you can also get help from the braids.

How to Make Nape Knob? Ensede Topuz Samples

Examples of nape bun models

Above you will find an example of a stylish model that has been applied step by step to make a nape knob. Separate your hair into a few tufts and ponytail, then the middle tuft need to knit down the middle. Afterwards, you can pick up the knitted ponytail and fasten it with buckles and you can get a stylish and cool nape knob.

We recommend you to take a look at the gallery we have prepared for you, which can be used in daily life, to adapt to your office style or to use the beautiful neckline models for invitations and parties.

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