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Grooming models 2019

Every groom deserves to look his best on the wedding day. However, from so many suit options, it can be difficult to decide where to start. When you do some research on the internet, you will find numerous options and suggestions about wedding dress trends; however, grooms are often overlooked and information about the suggestions and trends you can be inspired by is also limited. In this article, we also thought of the gentlemen preparing for the wedding day and we have compiled the proposals for 2019 groom models for you.

This classic piece of men's clothing requires a great investment and sometimes means more than a trio of black jackets, black trousers and white shirts.

We recommend you to take a look at our 2019 grooming trends gallery with both prominent designs and information from the suggestions of famous fashion designers. Before you start, how about a look at some of the designs, colors, details and groom appearances that came to the fore in the new season?

2019 Featured Groom Trends

Before moving on to the prominent groom designs in the new season, let's talk about the colors that came to the fore in men's fashion in 2019. In the hot summer days and the coming autumn days following the cold winter season, the colors that come to the fore in groom fashion are; Comes in white, burgundy and blue colors. You can go out of the classics by making a selection other than black grooming and you can look as glamorous as the bride on that special day of your life.

Burgundy bridegroom models

Gentlemen also liked to use the burgundy color in recent years. In daily life, office style and in a special organization such as weddings, you can choose your choice of suits from the side of the burgundy, or you can consider choosing from the burgundy grooming models.

Blue grooming models

If Bordeaux sounds a bit too bold in the choice of grooming, you can direct your choice to more classic colors. If you don't want to choose a black bridegroom, you can also choose among the blue bridegroom models that stand out among the 2019 bridegroom models. A light blue shirt to wear and a navy blue suit complete with white flower detail on the collar can be a good choice for your wedding day.

white grooming models

Considering the wedding day, the bride can be considered to be entitled to white. However, gentlemen can also use white on their wedding day. It might sound odd to wear it all the way down to white, but you can create a modern and stylish effect by using your white shirt with a close-to-white jacket and vest.

Grooming models 2019

Gentlemen, in recent years, trends in the selection of grooming follows a little more closely. With different textures such as linen, large floral details, patterned vests, and contrasts such as shirt and jacket contrast, the grooming trends are now gaining more attention.

2019 Grooming Models and Trends

When we look at the grooming collections of 2019, we can see that the differences attract more attention. Although the single color option for bride candidates may appear to be white, a man who follows the trends closely may go beyond the classical color choices such as black, gray and navy in his choice of grooming.

If you need some more insight into the 2019 bridegroom models and trends, before you decide, we recommend you to take a look at our gallery of 15 bridegroom examples below. If you want, let's not go further and let's take a look at the prominent grooming trends of the new season together!

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