Perma Hairstyles and Prices

What are the remarkable perm hairstyles? What are varieties like thick perm, thin perm? In this article we will find answers to questions such as how to stop perming in short hair.

With the change of time, popular hairstyles also change with time. However, perma hairstyles never lose their value. One of the main reasons for this can be seen as people wanting changes in their lives. For example, in general, when women want a change in their lives, their first change is to change their hair style or hair color. If you have straight hair, the first thing that comes to mind is to have your hair permed. In this article, we will discuss perm hairstyles and prices.

What is Perma?

Perma, in short, is the process of curling the hair using various chemicals. After this superficial introduction of perm, we will address the important issues for you, namely the durability and diversity of permanence with short-long-thick-thin perm hairstyles.

Perma Models for Long Hair

Who Uses Permission?

If you have straight hair and care for curly hairstyles or wavy hairstyles, what you need to do is definitely perm. However, we should also remember that permanence is detrimental to your hair health. For this reason, it is not recommended to have perms very often.

How does Perma in Short Hair Stop?

Perm can be applied to both long hair and short hair. So my hair is short, can I have a perm? Do not have such a thought. The important thing here is to choose the appropriate perm type for your hair. We can show a few perm models specific to short hair as follows. In addition, this subject will be discussed again in the following days, we request the subject of our site.

How Long Does Perma Last?

How important perma hairstyles are, however, another important point for us is the permanence of water, moisture, sun, especially under conditions such as how long. However, perma can vary depending on the environmental conditions as well as the durability of your hair according to the condition. For example, while thin and straight hair stays shorter, perma can be much more permanent in wavy hair. Besides, your washing habits can be counted among the factors that affect the duration of the permanence. However, if we need to give an average time, the perm lasts for 2 to 5 hours.

Perm Hair

Perm Types

We can say that there are two types of perms such as coarse wavy perm, thick perm and thin perm. Coarse-wave permanently known as water wave is a type of perm. If you have short or fine hair, having a thin perm will make your hair look fuller. In long and thick stranded hair, coarse wavy perma that is thick perma will reveal a very beautiful image. Perma types are the shape that your hair will get thanks to the technique and curlers used during the application of permanence completely. For thin perm model, your hair is wrapped more frequently and thinner in small and thin curlers. In our photo gallery, there are both large wave perm models and thin perm models. You can choose the model that suits you by examining.

Prices of Perma

As with everything else, the location where you are in perma prices is unfortunately one of the most important factors. For example, if you live in a small province or district, the perm prices range from 40 to 200 TL in 2018, and if you live in a metropolitan or central location, the perm prices may vary from 250 TL to 800 TL. So how much perm? The answer to the question, where you live. As soon as possible, we will inform you about the perma prices according to provinces and districts.

Perm Hair Care

Perma is made using strong chemical substances, which will weaken your hair. For this reason, you should take extra care of your hair after having perming. You can use creams for Permed Hair Care and avoid combing your hair too often. In addition, the combs that you will use for permed hair should be frequently toothed and not wide toothed. Besides, as we are in the summer season, if you are going to swim, you can use a bone to prevent the salt and chlorine in the water from damaging the perm.

Perm Hairstyles

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