Women's Health – What are the Methods for Proper Tanning?

With the arrival of the summer, the number of tanning skins will increase. However, being able to tan correctly is an important point. It is often undesirable for women with more complex skin to flush before tanning. Some tips are available to avoid unwanted results and to tan correctly.

Tanning becomes a problem that keeps women busy during the summer months. As a women's health team, we have compiled tips for fast and accurate tanning for our valued readers.

Healthy Tanning Most Important!

It is quite wrong to compromise your health to tan. It is absolutely necessary to take the necessary measures. In addition to beauty and appearance, a painful tanning experience should be avoided. Burning uncontrolled by the sun is also very harmful for health.

First of all, getting a hat is a point that should not be skipped during sunbathing. It is not right to leave your skin naked. Always wear a high factor sunscreen. It is much healthier and more beautiful when you are tanning.

The sunbathing hours should be set correctly. The noon temperature is not the right time to tan. Prefer time periods when the sun's rays are slightly lighter. And be sure to gradually increase your sunbathing time. So you get a more effective and beautiful tan. It is also a useful action to remove skin from dead cells before sunbathing. You can destroy dead cells by exfoliating. This will make the skin cleaner and more prone to tanning. It is also necessary to moisturize dry skin after sunbathing. So you can move on to a healthy and beautiful tan.

Methods for Tanning
Coffee Method

Coffee is a well-known and effective method for tanning. It is wise to make use of the coffee method after taking precautions for a correct and fast tanning.

A cup of coffee powder and 2 tablespoons olive oil should be mixed into the body. You will achieve a paste consistency when the dimensions given are achieved. After applying the mixture to your body, wait for 15 minutes. Then the mixture should be cleaned with warm water.

Lemon Method

Another way to get a healthy tan is lemon juice. And it is quite effective method. Only fresh lemons should be used. More precise and beautiful results will be obtained. Fresh lemons should be squeezed. Then the water obtained should be fed to the body. After 15 minutes, the body should be purified with warm water.

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